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24. 8. 2012







blanketprint: Colors: A-Taupe The Space Needle (OPI), Get In The Expresso Lane (OPI), Superstar! (Pure Ice), Black Lingerie (Revlon), Chancer (Butter London) Several of you have written in to ask for a basic reindeer nail art tutorial, so here it is! :) Start by painting a half circle in light brown on your nail. Use a dotting tool or thin paintbrush to add ears in the same color to the top of this half circle. Your reindeer’s antlers will go in-between the ears, so make sure the ears are painted far apart. While the light brown is drying, use a thin paintbrush to paint in some dark brown antlers in-between the reindeer’s ears. Start by painting two long lines sticking out of its head, and then add in shorter lines to complete the antlers. If your paintbrush is thin enough, feel free to add more details to the antlers. By now, the light brown should be dry, so it’s time to paint on the reindeer’s eyes! Start by using a large dotting tool to place two white dots where the eyes should be. Once those are completely dry, use a smaller dotting tool to place two smaller black dots within the initial white dots. And when those are dry, use a toothpick to add in two white dots as highlights in the reindeer’s eyes. Make absolutely certain you wait for each layer of dots to dry. Your impatience might cause you to have to start all over again! Lastly, use a glittery red nail polish to paint in Rudolph’s red nose. If you want to paint reindeer on all your nails, try painting only one reindeer’s nose red (Rudolph!), and the rest black. This reindeer design is also a great accent for a taupe or nude manicure for the holidays. Once everything is dry, don’t forget to seal in your design with your favorite top coat. Enjoy! :)









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